Time Management Skills

Time Management Skills is developed specifically for Business Owners, Directors and Managers operating in small to medium sized enterprises. It is focused on providing participants with an understanding and appreciation of their own ability to control the most precious thing available to them: time. It is not about time management, it is about task priority.

Primary Objectives

On completion of the Time Management Skills Workshop, you will have the tools for understanding and applying better time management practices, both in general and specific to yourself. The course is fully participative and the opportunity is taken to “learn by doing” This enables you to analyse and improve time management skills for yourself and for your team members.

Each Time Management Skills Workshop is amended and customised so that it best meets the needs of the host group. As a participant, you are expected and encouraged to develop and use your own material so that the skills learnt and developed are of maximum benefit for immediate application. It is expected that you will take the opportunity to present practical problems that currently exist, so that you can gain immediate benefit from applying principles for improvement with immediate effect.

The ideal number of participants ranges from eight to twelve, though larger and smaller groups can be catered for. Course Duration runs from a half day Workshop to two full days. Courses can be run on or off site as required.

If you wish to learn more or to develop a proposal on Time Management to meet your specific needs, please call 01 8439114 or email gyb@knowledge.ie


Time Management Skills: Course Content

Assessing Your Strengths

  • Planning.
  • Delegation.
  • Important & Urgent.
  • Keeping Track

Strategies for Freeing Up Time

  • Diaries & Lists
  • Meetings.
  • Telephones.

Killing the Time Killers

  • Colleagues.
  • Staff.
  • Customers.
  • Crises

Taking a Break

  • Stress busters
  • Homework.
  • Holidays

Pulling it All Together

  • Preparation.
  • ABCDE.
  • Key results.