Grow Your Business: The Vital Steps to Growing Your Business

Training for Business Growth: Aims & Objectives

If you want to significantly improve your sales, increase your profits, boost your personal income while reducing your stress levels and your business’s reliance on you, then this Vital Steps to Growing Your Business workshop is for you.

On completion of the Grow Your Business Training Workshop, you will have an understanding of the building blocks required to develop and improve an existing business. The course is fully participative and the opportunity is taken to share knowledge and experiences with other participants.

The “Grow Your Business Training Workshop is developed specifically for Business Owners and Senior Managers involved in small to medium sized enterprises, located in any part of Ireland.

Each Grow Your Business Workshop is amended and customised so that it best meets the needs of the host group. You are encouraged and expected to develop and use your own material so that the skills learnt and tools developed are of maximum benefit and capable of immediate application to your own business.

The ideal number ranges from eight to twelve participants, though larger and smaller groups can be catered for. This is a half day Workshop, though it can be run as an evening Workshop if this is more convenient. Courses can be run on or off site as required.


“Vital Steps to Growing Your Business”: Workshop Content

  • Identify and explore untapped Sales
  • Grow your business without chasing new business
  • Spend less time as an employee of your business and more time as an Owner: Working “On” the business and not “In” the business
  • Reduce your costs
  • Reduce the amount of money owed to you by your clients
  • Improve the productivity levels from your staff
  • Massively increase repeat business
  • Turn marketing and advertising into an investment – not a cost
  • Learn how your business can work for you – not you for it


If you wish to learn more or to develop a proposal on the Grow Your Business Training Workshop to meet your specific needs, please call 01 8439114 or email