The Sales Advantage: How to Get It, Keep It, and Sell More Than Ever

by Dale Carnegie

Who do you know in business that does not want a proven approach that will help to increase Sales from existing prospects and customers?

Whether you are thinking about identifying and developing prospects, gaining and benefiting from pitch meetings and interviews or moving from prospect to customer this book has all of the ground covered.

The book is particularly well written and laid out. It is obviously the product of thousands of man-hours of training and experience distilled into proposals on best practice. The examples and illustrations reinforce the underlying principles presented and developed. There is a clear system and structure in evidence here. The book is simply and logically presented without being either patronising or condescending. Each aspect of the sales process is given attention with an appropriate approach and system being considered and proposed for application. It is both a definitive textbook and a reference book.

The experienced Sales professional may suggest that they have covered all of the ground before and that there is nothing new. Hard to disagree with that view: it begs the question as to whether or not the principles are already being applied?

As a tool for working with business owners and managers, I’d expect to be giving it to the business owner or Sales team manager and asking the question: Are these principles being applied? If not, what better systems do you have in place?

Within the material presented you are unlikely to come into conflict with any previous training on sales methods or systems. On the contrary, best practice is repeated and reinforced! I guess that what I am saying is:
No matter where you are coming from in terms of your Sales knowledge and experience, no matter what you are trying to achieve, you will find elements that both appeal to you and assist you within this book. In my opinion, it is impossible to read this book without gaining further insight into a process that works for adding and increasing your selling potential.

For the experienced or professional Salesperson, I consider this as an excellent tool for revision of the principles of Sales, something to be retained for reference and review.

The Sales Advantage is an excellent book, worth reading and retaining for reference. Get it, absorb it and start to apply it.

For me, this rates a minimum of four stars.