Team Performance: Assessment, Focus & Direction

As a Business Owner who owns, manages and operates a small to medium sized enterprise, you can be so busy meeting the immediate requirements for Customers, Staff or Suppliers that they do not always take sufficient time and opportunity to review and analyse your own role in the business. Invariably, the business is too dependant upon the business owner and would not function well without him/her, if at all. This means that the future growth, development and success of the business are limited to what you, the Business Owner, can personally achieve or manage.

For a business to be successful in the long term, it is essential to have the best team available. The team that support you are a fundamental element in ensuring that you achieve what you want through your business. A strong, supportive and committed team will ensure that your investment and commitment in the business is amply rewarded. The alternative is a group of employees who will hold you back and drain resources from the business.  When your entire time, attention and energy are taken up with working “in” the business, rather than “on” the business Knowledge works with you to build better team, ensuring that your business is successful. The primary tool used in this instance is the Team Diagnostic Assessment, Focus and Direction Building Plan

The Team Diagnostic is an assessment of the critical elements of your current team. There are a series of questions to be considered and answered which help the team focus their attention on the business as an external expert might see it. The subsequent report is then assessed by you, as business owner/manager. During this process, you will work with an experienced Business Coach who is independent and detached from the business, though committed to helping you achieve best outcomes from existing resources.

The process is simple. Working with an experienced Business Coach, the Business Owner(s) and/or Managers are taken through every aspect of the Team as it currently operates. Key aspects of the Team are assessed in two major parts: Team Culture and Individual Commitment.

  • Team Culture This area focuses on factors which will dictate the extent to which the team, and by extension the business, is successful and can expect that success to continue. Elements included and assessed are: Individual Commitment, Team Harmony, Understanding Team Goals, Effective Decision Making, Hunger for Success and Self-Imposed Discipline.
  • Individual Commitment This area focuses on the extent to which the business values, recognises and supports the personal and individual investment made by each member of the team. Specific elements assessed in detail will include Individual Investment, Individual Recognition, Performance Improvement, Individual Development and Conflict Management.

Team Development or Team Building Plan

On completion, review and acceptance of the Team Diagnostic report, an action plan is developed and agreed with the Team. The specific actions for implementation to effect positive changes for the business, together with agreed resources and pre-determined timeframes, are then adopted by the Team. Systems of review and feedback are developed, agreed and implemented. To get the best results requires the best Team. The best Teams have clarity of vision, goals, objectives and deliverables. They have the opportunity to contribute to, and support, planned changes and improvements. All of this agreed information is developed and extracted and becomes the Team Charter for the foreseeable future. The very process of assessment, review and planning is in itself an essential element of effective team building. The character and strength of the team is further reinforced by the systems of accountability, responsibility and feedback developed to achieve optimal results for both the Team and the Business.

Knowledge has the people with the expertise, systems and capacity to help steer and direct a successful course from inception through to completion of the Team Diagnostic and Team Building Plan

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