Personal Goal Setting

As a Business Owner, you have made a significant investment in your business. This includes the money, time and effort invested into making it work and the opportunities foregone. This may be the job the business replaced, the hobbies and interests that had to take a back seat or even time spent with family and friends. Have you got the return on your investment that you wanted? Most business owners set out with some vision of what it is they want to achieve. Few re-visit the actual results to date and take time to assess whether or not it was the right decision.


Process for Completing Personal Goal Setter

Working with you, an experienced business coach will help to assess the current status of key aspects of your life and business

  • Your Personal Income and Finances. This is an overview of your current Income, Tax and Risk Management, expected future income and plans for transition from the business or retirement.
  • You and Your Business This element of the review focuses on how dependent the business is on you, how prepared it is for your exit, how your support team are performing and how good the information is to allow you make the best decisions.
  • Your Quality of Life This element reviews your health, your enjoyment, your continuing appetite for success in business, your work/life balance and your outside interests.


Benefits of Personal Goal Setting

Knowledge works with you to ensure that the business goals and objectives being achieved will also result in your personal goals and objectives being achieved. It is an accepted fact that individuals who consistently set personal goals in writing, will invariably out-perform individuals who do not work to a plan.  An experienced Business Coach and Advisor supports you in helping you get your personal priorities in order. This requires defining and committing to what it is that you want on a personal level, your personal goal setting. It is also about ensuring that your business objectives are in alignment with your personal goals. This includes setting out the processes and milestones that need to be completed so that you do achieve your personal goals and targets. Our Business Coach will act as business mentor to ensure that you have set targets, clear definition of expected results, developed a system for acting on key elements of the business and driving the implementation of the plan to achieve exceptional results. Once the plan is agreed, the resources are in place and the timeframe is set, action taken will maximise results from effort and resources invested.

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