Business Coaching: Focused for Better Results

Knowledge Business Systems understands the challenges facing you as a Business Owner. There is always pressure on time and priorities. The day to day demands of the customers, staff, cash flow management, together with the most current crisis, requires the total attention so that concentrating on strategic long term elements appears to be an unnecessary luxury. The reality is that you must change what you do in order to achieve a better results from your business: “Do what you have always done and get what you have always got!”.

Working with a Business Coach, you can transform your business and your life: building a sustainable and profitable business that requires working fewer hours, improved profitability with better cashflow and less dependence on you as owner.


What can a Business Coach do to help you?

When you first went into business you had a vision of what you wanted to achieve; what you wanted most out of the business. You have made the investment; now is the time to ask and answer the following questions:

  • Are you getting the personal return on your investment in your business?
  • Is your personal Income meeting or exceeding your current financial needs, and providing for your future needs?
  • Do your employees effectively manage and supervise your business when you are not present?
  • Is the business on target for your transition to the next stage, whether that is sale or retirement
  • How about return on time investment: Is the business running you or are you running the business?

Figuring out where you want to be is easy; the hard part is getting there! Our approach is to work with you in the context of your business and that means every aspect of the business. Based upon years of experience with business owners, we help apply best practice in a systematic manner and within a fixed timeframe. This involves a systematic approach that will make a significant difference in the profitability and value of your business. By providing an advisory role from an experienced business coach and consultant, we will help you focus on achieving the results that you want, both in business growth and value creation.


  • Personal Priorities

Get your personal priorities in order. This involves defining and committing to what it is that you want to achieve as personal goals and ensuring that your business objectives are in alignment with those goals.


  •  Business Focus: Driven for Results

We work with you to define the Vision, Goals and Key Objective of the business which will support you in what you want to achieve. Once you have clarified what it is you want to achieve; then the business must be developed to deliver those critical results.


  •  Monitoring, Reporting and Feedback

We help define and build systems of management, reporting and feedback to ensure that you know how the business is operating and how to highlight areas of weakness or opportunity for improvement.


  •  Building the Team

The majority of businesses in the SME Sector are totally dependant upon the owner which limits the potential for growth, development and increased value. The best run businesses have the best teams. We work with the business owner on the critical task of building successful teams.

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