Our Services & Solutions

Knowledge Business Systems exists to help and support Business Owners build better businesses. Using the most effective and proven methods and systems, we work with you to review your current business and to establish exactly what determines success for you. Working together, we define and develop the steps necessary to help you to achieve your goals. We help build and provide the tools that will ensure success in implementing those steps to achieve your objectives. It is all about focus, clarity and action to achieve the best business results.

Your Business Coach: you have needs, we have solutions.                                              

  • Every Client is unique, because their needs and wants are personal and unique to them. Therefore, every solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual who is the Client.
  • Wherever you are, we will come to you. Location and facilities are best suited to the Client. To date this has been limited to Ireland and the UK. Equally, we can provide the facilities. We are totally flexible and will work around your time, your location, and your agenda.
  • We have substance. We come from a solid background of creating, building and focusing on small to medium scale enterprises. Our ideas and instructions come from a combination of experience and acquired knowledge, focused on achieving better business results, usually with immediate effect.
  • All our services are highly customised to the specific needs of the individual Client. This customisation requires full interaction and participation by the Client. This involvement leads to commitment, which leads to action, which leads to better business results.
  • We are enthusiastic, passionate and motivating about the effective delivery of our services. It is about developing and delivering systems, structures and tools that will achieve best results. Our success is based upon your achievements.

Our business solutions include:

Business Strategy Development & Implementation for best results

Through a systematic and structured approach, we help you assess current status through completing a full diagnostic. This leads to an agreed plan of implementation to achieve the desired goals and objectives, within a specified timeframe. We have the knowledge, expertise and business coaching abilities to help make the changes necessary to achieve excellence business results, ensuring personal goals are met.

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Business Coaching for best results

When you have clarity about what you want to achieve in business, but know that you can get there quicker a business coach or mentor can often ease the route. Frequently the first step is to get help to achieve that clarity. Thereafter, it may be a process of review and accountability on specific goals. In addition, it can be just for advice and support on the latest business challenge.

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Team Performance Assessment & Direction for Results

The capacity of any business is determined by the capacity of the team operating and running the business. Have you the right people, in the right positions, with the right attitude, properly trained and supported? Failure to address this issue limits the development and growth of the business to your personal capacity. To get better business results, build a better team!

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Personal Goal Setting

Far too often, the specific needs and goals of the individual Business Owners become buried in the need to satisfy customers and meet their needs. The actual reason the business was originally set up is entirely forgotten! Do you need to review, revise and rejuvenate your own personal dreams and ambitions? Update and complete your Personal Goal Setting Programme now!

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Business Health Check-Up

When was the last time that an independent, professional expert with the appropriate qualifications, knowledge and expertise assessed your business? If you are like the majority of Business Owners, it has never happened. If you have ever been involved in a thorough due diligence examination for the sale or purchase of a business, you will have a better understanding.

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Building a Better Business: a Programmed Approach

The majority of Business Owners and Senior Managers are highly trained and technically competent in delivering the best solutions for their own customers. However, few, if any, have had the training and development necessary to deal with every issue that is critical to the success of their business. We have developed a structured programme that combines on-site training, consulting and business coaching that will equip the Business Owner with the tools and abilities to meet every challenge.

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If you wish to learn more, or to develop a proposal on any services from Knowledge Business Systems to meet your specific needs please call us on 01 8439114 or email Contact@knowledge.ie