Presentation Skills for Business: Aims & Objectives

Presentation Skills for Business is developed specifically for Business Owners and Managers who are required to make business presentations, both to external audiences and for internal use. This course is focused on the particular needs of the individuals and group, whether they are totally new to the area of public speaking or already have extensive experience and capability with business presentation skills. The course is focused on providing participants with a wide range of skills and abilities to assess and improve their presentation skills.

On completion of the Presentation Skills course, you will have an understanding of the basics of presentation and communication skills, both in general and specific to you. The course is fully participative and the opportunity is taken to “learn by doing” This enables you to analyse and improve business presentation skills for yourself and for your colleagues

Each Presentation Skills Course is amended and customised so that it best meets the needs of the host group. Participants are encouraged and expected to develop and use their own material so that the skills learnt and developed are of maximum immediate benefit for application.

The ideal number of participants ranges from eight to twelve, though larger and smaller groups can be catered for. Course Duration runs from a half day Workshop to two full days. Courses can be run on or off site as required.


Presentation Skills Course: Course Content

Understanding and overcoming the fear of presenting.

  • Controlling your nerves.
  • Gaining confidence.
  •  Making a positive impact on your audience

Understanding Your Audience.

  • What the audience want, think and expect.
  • Defining your objectives.
  • Tailoring your presentation.

The Presentation.

  • The opening: getting their attention.
  • The body: keeping their attention.
  • Maintaining credibility and the right tone.
  • Summary and closing.
  • Exceeding expectations.

Assessing and Developing Presentation Skills

  • Particular strengths and style.
  • Areas to develop and improve.
  •  Continuous improvement.

The option of having presentations recorded and provided to participants is available, if required.

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