Cash Flow Management: A key step to success in business

Primary Objectives

Cash Flow Management is developed specifically for Business Owners, Proprietary Directors and Senior Managers who wish to understand the key issues of effective Cash Flow Management and how they can effect improved systems of Working Capital Management for their own businesses.

A business which is not making profit can survive in the short term, provided it is generating a positive cash flow. However, a business which is generating profits, but has a negative cash flow, is doomed to failure in the short-term. Businesses close down because they ultimately run out of cash. On completion of the Cash Flow Management Workshop, you will have an understanding of the essential nature and elements of cash flow. You will also have the practical tools and capacity to apply change within your business to effect improved cash flow and a better basis for more effective decisions.

The course is fully participative and the opportunity is taken to “learn by doing” This enables you to analyse and improve current business practices that apply within your own business.

Each Cash Flow Management Workshop is amended and customised so that it best meets the needs of the host group. Participants are encouraged and expected to develop and use their own material so that the skills learnt and developed are of maximum benefit and have immediate application within their own businesses.

The ideal number of participants ranges from eight to twelve, though larger and smaller groups can be catered for. Course Duration is either as a half day or a full day Workshop. Courses can be run on or off site as required.


Cash Flow Management: Workshop Content

Understanding the basics of Cash Flow

  • Inflows.
  • Outflows.
  • Managing the Flow.

Managing Sales, Debtors & Receivables.

  • Terms & Conditions for Debtors.
  • Invoicing.
  • Credit Management.

Managing Expenditure, Creditors & Payables.

  • Terms & Conditions for Suppliers.
  • How & When to Pay Creditors.
  • Better Credit

Cash flow Management.

  • Reports & Control Measures.
  • Effecting Changes & Improvements.
  • Next Steps Now

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