Focal Point: A Proven System To Simplify Your Life, Double Your Productivity And Achieve All Your Goals

by Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a leading authority on personal and professional development and pulls together the wisdom he has acquired over thirty years of business and professional life. Almost always, Brian Tracy is written to be heard, rather than read and if you have listened to any of his audio programmes or heard him speak live, his gentle but passionate tone is evident in everything that you read. The book and it’s premise is simple (some would say simplistic): Find the most important element in each area of your life, focus your energy and attention and take appropriate action to get results. Focal Point is simply constructed and well executed and accessible to all. The principles espoused are relevant and understandable and the proposed courses of action follow logically.

Focal Point helps and supports any individual interested in progressing their personal and professional life. It starts with initial assessment in each key area, gives an approach to asking critical questions and defining the appropriate responses, The individual chapters are then summarised in a call to action and the overall summary focuses on the seven lessons that you should take from the book. The key areas addressed are:

  • Business & Career
  • Family & Personal
  • Financial Independence
  • Health & Fitness
  • Achieving Your Potential
  • Contributing to Your Community
  • Spiritual Development

For business owners or managers who want a system, this provides an excellent approach, giving the tools and the expected solutions.

The format is simple, liberal with examples of illustration and well written. There are summary calls to action for each chapter and for the book overall. The principles are simple and sometimes overly simplistic. Nothing in Focal Point is a substitute for the work required to achieve the desired outcomes. There is a significant level of repetition (reinforcement?) and  too many plugs and promotions

If you are already familiar with Brian Tracy, you probably be a fan. I think that this book will create more fans. Not a single read, I normally consume it one chapter at a time.

Focal Point is a book that I suggest you read, retain and revisit and of it’s category, it is excellent.

Happy to recommend it with four Stars