EAT THAT FROG! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Things done in Less Time

by Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a leading authority on personal and professional development and pulls together the best tools for time management that he has acquired and applied during his business and professional life.  For me, Brian Tracy is almost always written to be heard, rather than read. The proposition is simple: Do the things that matter most first, the more difficult, the quicker that you need to get started. To help you on your way, there is a myriad of tools on time management, or more correctly, task management, provided.

Eat That Frog! does what it says on the cover: it provides the tools and removes the excuses. Though there may not be too many new ideas to you, all are valuable. I like some, if not all:

  • Planning in Advance
  • 80/20 Rule (The Pareto Principle)
  • The ABCDE Method.
  • Forced Efficiency (The Day Before Holidays)
  • Creative Procrastination

For business owners or managers who want a time management system, this provides an excellent approach, giving the tools and the setting the expected results.

The format is simple, the principles are simple and the book is an easy read. The book can be consumed in a two hour sitting, the lessons will take a lifetime to master.

Get it, read it, apply it; and then keep it, re-read it annually for renewal. Simple, but excellent.

Eat That Frog!  is a great book . I am happy to recommend it with a rare five Stars