Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business

by Patrick Lencioni

Lencioni has an exceptionally easy and accessible style of telling a story around what is usually a difficult subject. I enjoy his approach and his books!

  • If you want people to remember something, tell them a story.
  • If you want people to learn something, engage them to the extent that they enjoy themselves!

This book is about a critical aspect of running a business well: Effective Meetings.

Lencioni argues that there are only two problems with meetings: the lack of Drama and the lack of Context

For people involved in business who want to run effective meetings, this is another exceptionally easy read from a craftsman, setting out and reinforcing the principles through a case study (from a fictitious company) and really challenging one to think about the role and format of meetings.

It is easy to read in an extended sitting, perhaps two to three hours.

The format is that of an entertaining story, very well written, giving a practical examples and illustrations of the issues arising, the problems created and ultimately a resolution: hold different types of meetings to address key issues of Updates, Tactics, Strategy and Review.

This is followed up by a summary chapter which reinforces the principles in the manner of a good text book.

If you are already familiar with the One Minute Manager series of books, you will recognise the format, though in my own opinion, this is on a more professional level.

This is one for reading and retaining in your Business Bookcase for Reference.

I’d give it a minimum of Four Stars.