Business Recovery Programme: Your Business Response to CORVID-19

The purpose of this Business Recovery Programme is to aid and support Business Owners who have experienced a significant adverse impact on their business. Significant is considered to be anything in excess of 20% loss in Revenue with a consequent effect on Profits and Cash Flow or any other criteria the Business owner considers relevant.

There is an initial detailed questionnaire which has been developed specifically to quickly assess the current situation and provide an urgent diagnosis as an aid plan to help the business recover in a structured and sustainable manner so that it returns to the required levels of profitability, cash flow and growth in the most effective manner. Prompt recovery is critical.

The plan is set out in seven steps, the objective being to have the Business Owner focused on doing the right things in the right wat at the earliest possible opportunity. Each area is critically assessed with a rigorous action plan developed for implementation. Where necessary, help and support can be provided to develop or customise the processes and tools required to expedite matters.

  Finance                        All matters relating to Finance include Banking & Finance, Accounts and particularly                                                           Operational Cash Flow

  Employees                   This includes all aspect of Employees, Contractors & Supply Partners where any element of                                                 labour is employed to support the business.

  Customers/Sales        Assessment of critical needs and priority in delivery of goods and services related to value                                                    added, contribution and profitability as well as acceptable terms and conditions of trading.

  Operations                  Review of all Processes relating to Operations and Production including assessment of                                                          throughput, suppliers, work-in-progress, finished goods and logistics flow.

  Systems                       Basic systems of management control, information and feedback will be assessed to determine                                          optimal operation. This includes use of IT and automation, out-sourcing, remote operations as                                          well as basic Standard Operating Procedures, systems of reporting, feedback and change or                                                innovation.

  Unique Actions          Defined critical actions which will most significantly contribute to the effectiveness of the                                                    above areas.

Communication         One of the most critical steps is to ensure that the Directors and Managers are being effective                                             in maintaining their own efforts where they can maximise their own contribution to the                                                       business. The systems of communication, delegation, communication and feedback are                                                       critical must be built so that they are both realistic and sustainable.

Programme Stage Offering

  1. Assessment & Diagnosis via Online Workshop

Client completes the bespoke questionnaire on-line and is provided with a view to the development and delivery of a complete Diagnostic report  and Executive Summary. Ideally, the Client completes the Diagnostic in an online Workshop with his nominated Business Advisor, which will take 90 to 120 minutes, depending upon the complexities of the business.  The Report will be presented in a subsequent online meeting.

    2.  Assessment & Report via Online Workshop

The Client reviews the report working with a Business Advisor in an on-line environment.  Subsequently, in an online workshop, the Client is provided with a report on the current assessment and status to progress independently or otherwise. The Report highlights the particular strengths and challenges of the business as it currently is and focuses attention on the critical areas which need to be addressed as a matter of priority.  The Report is signed off when the Client has reviewed and assessed the recommendations and made input on same. The three items that are paramount to the survival and recovery of the business are identified and these should dictate where Management effort and resource is applied for the coming quarter.

    3.  Business Diagnostic: the Implementation Workshops

In a series of online workshops, held over one to two months, the Client works with the allocated Business Advisor to implement the appropriate responses that will best ensure and accelerate Business recovery. The aims will invariably be positive cash flow, customer re-engagement and renewal of services and team focus and commitment. Each critical action will have a system of built in feedback, control and responsibility.

 There will be changes. The Business Advisor will provide the necessary support, including identification, coaching and training in the appropriate tools, most effective in accelerating desired results.

 The Client and Business Advisor will always agree on the aspects where the Client needs greatest support.


  1. Business Advisory Coaching & Support

At all stages, Client will have access and support of the nominated Business Advisor most appropriate to the task and related to the relevant challenge to be overcome.

 There are no subsequent commitments required from the Client, though continued Business Advisory & Coaching Services may be availed of.


~ ‘It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.’  ~ Confucius