Business Bathroom Bible

Deiric McCann with Jim Sirbasku & Bud Haney

This is a series of forty (one) short essays on a practically based approach to implementing key strategies to develop and maintain your business.

The articles are snappy, focused and motivated to action through practical steps. Each subject covered is carefully considered and the primary actions required to lead to lead to key results are clearly set out.  Consider this as a toolbox for the trade of enterprise or business development. There is a whole range of tools available and whilst most are specific to particular areas, some espouse general principles that can be applied in many areas. However, do not consider this to be a panacea for all ills. The particular strengths are in the areas of Sales & Marketing, Personnel & Team Building and Management Development, with less emphasis on Operations, Production, Finance & Administration.

The book is cleverly written. Most of the articles can be readily absorbed within a five minute sitting though some make for a slightly longer session. However, none of them will cause a crisis for any developing bathroom queues!

This is an excellent source of readily prepared essays to reinforce a specific issue or matter that you may need an introduction or reinforcement of existing knowledge. As a give away, I’d use individual articles rather than the book itself. As a total package, I’d be inclined to recommend it to someone with experience in managing or owning their own business; they will easily recognise the issues and gain from the suggestions and recommendations.

The Business Bathroom Bible is a deceptively easy read. Treat it as a quick read and there is a surfeit of ideas. It is a book of ideas to digest, absorb and apply! This book may have an excess of (un)common sense and force you to think. Be careful in your application. Follow the author’s advice. 

It has 277 pages and it will take about three hours to read over an extended period.

In rating this, it is another book that I’d give it at least four out of five stars.